Changing to a dairy free lifestyle doesn't have to be scary. There are so many delicious alternatives. I'm here to share my dairy free finds, reviews, recipes and travels.

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Wellaby’s Simple Bakes Review

Have you tried Simple Bakes yet? They’re a new tasty wholegrain snack form the folks at Wellaby’s. They’ve been creating gluten free snacks such as Lentil, Hummus and Pitta Chips since 2006. Simple Bakes are their new creation and to me, they’re a cross between crisps and thin crackers. They have 70% less fat than regular crisps and are free from […]

Time to drink more water

I’m determined to get back into good routines for the week ahead. This includes getting to the gym, drinking more water and getting enough sleep. I’ve been lacking in each of these things over the last few weeks and I really hope I can turn it around. I notice such a difference when I feel […]