Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso

We made a super quick stop by Starbucks on the way home from the station the other day. I have a few drinks I switch between at Starbucks, the dairy free options are brilliant. However, do make sure they know if your choice of dairy free milk is due to an allergy or preference. I also always double check when they hand me the drink to ensure it’s dairy free.

Anyway, I thought I’d move away from my usuals and give the new Iced Brown Sugar Oat milk Shaken Espresso a try. It was a last minute decision but one I was very happy with and I look forward to having more of these iced coffees as we roll into the warmer months.. whenever that may be.

This iced coffee is made with the Starbucks® Blonde espresso brown sugar and cinnamon and then topped with oat milk.

The espresso leads in this drink and it does have a little sweetness to it without it being sickly or overwhelming. I thought it was the perfect balance of espresso and sweetness but don’t forget you can always ask for less pumps of the brown sugar syrup.

More info and full ingredients.

Below is a quick review of the Shaken Espresso which I shared over on my Dairyfreedaisy Tiktok the other day. I’m always uploading quick reviews, dairy free finds and recipes so be sure to follow along if that’s your thing.

@dairyfreedaisy A new fave from @Starbucks UK for me 🙌 #dairyfreeuk #oatmilk #icedbrownsugaroatmilkshakenespresso #dairyfreelife ♬ original sound – daisy

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