Starbucks launch Original Nut Blend – their 5th milk alternative

There’s a new milk alternative in town at Starbucks.

That’s right, you can now pick from 5 dairy-free milk alternatives at Starbucks including; oat, almond, soya, coconut and their new Original Nut Blend.

I am so impressed with how innovative and dairy-free friendly Starbucks has become over the last few years. They’re adding more and more to their vegan/dairy-free menus (HELLO Bubblegum frap and Cereal & Oat Milk Latte) which is fantastic but always do check with your local store and ensure they know if you have a severe allergy! I just think it’s always important to double check ingredients and hygiene practices where needed.

So, what is the new Starbucks Original Nut Blend?

Well, it’s a blend of light rice, sweet hazelnuts with subtle chocolatey notes, and buttery cashews, it’s got a delicate flavour and deliciously silky texture.

This dairy-free milk alternative has been in the works for 15 months and was crafted to work perfectly with their espresso. There’s no added sugar, which is always a plus when it comes to dairy-free milks and it has been fortified with B12, B2, vitamin E and vitamin D2.

As soon as I heard the Original Nut Blend had cashews in I just knew it was going to be a really creamy number and I can’t wait to try it.

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