Dairy Free Cereal And Oat Milk Latte From Starbucks

Last week I tried the new Cereal Oat Milk Latte from Starbucks. It was nice to pop in store and discover that their latest drink was created for their dairy-free and vegan friends. The demand for free-from and vegan friendly products is growing rapidly and it’s so good to see big brands leading the way with regular launches.

The Cereal Latte is a shot of espresso mixed with dairy free oat milk and cereal powder and then finished with a cereal topping. Unlike many of the ‘fun’ drinks at Starbucks this one was not sickly sweet. It still has a slight sweetness to it which comes from the cereal on top, but nothing too overpowering. The main flavour comes from the oat milk – one of my favourite milk alternatives for coffee.

It’s lovely coffee and has a real comforting feel on a cold frosty morning.

I look forward to having my next one soon.

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