Dairy Free Coffee By Cambridge Station – Zio Mario

Zio Mario Cambridge Coffee

If you happen to find yourself in need of a coffee with dairy free milk at Cambridge train station then pop into Zio Mario. It’s located just ’round the corner from the train station, near where the bus stops are. They offer both almond and soya milk which makes a really nice change. Actually, I’m coming across more and more coffee shops that offer almond milk now. As always, I went for a flat white and it did not disappoint.

Cambrudge Zio Mario

The coffee is delightfully good, rich yet very smooth. It’s up there on my top 5 coffees in Cambridge. I can’t think of any other coffee shops at the train station which offer almond milk at the moment. Most of them have soya but I personally don’t drink that and I know many of you can’t drink it.


They have lots of treats at the bakery and although most of them are made or filled with dairy they do have a a couple of dairy free options. They seem to change up what they offer so the last time I was in there they had a vegan and gluten free bread, Farinata. It’s made with chickpea flour and looked pretty tasty. I didn’t have the chance to try it but I’ll grab some when I next go in and report back.

Let me know if you have the chance to visit Zio Mario. I’m looking forward to having another coffee there on my next trip to Cambridge. If you’re keen to see more photos of the bakery then pop over to my other blog.

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