3 Must Try Dairy Free Chocolate Bars From Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett is an excellent place to pick up delicious dairy free and vegan friendly chocolate (even online). They have lots of options to pick from, depending on the size of the shop and usually have some good offers on too.

When I filmed the Tiktok below (you can follow me) I hadn’t had the chance to try the new Love Raw Vegan M:lk Choc Bar Caramel but I’ve since tucked right in. So, I think I can officially give you a little review on each of these dairy free chocolate bars.

@dairyfreedaisy 3 dairy free chocolate bars from @Holland & Barrett 💚 #dairyfreeuk #dairyfreechocolate #dairyfreemama ♬ original sound – daisy

Vego Hazelnut – This has been a long term favourite for me. I think it tastes just like Nutella but in a creamy chocolate bar form with lots of whole hazelnuts. It’s so good and never lets me down when I need a good bar of dairy free chocolate.

Vego White – This chocolate bar is one of the closest I’ve tasted to white chocolate. I’ll be honest that white chocolate isn’t my first choice but this Vego White bar takes it to the next level because its filled with lots of almond chunks.

Love Raw Vegan M:lk Choc Bar Caramel – I always enjoy everything that Love Raw bring out so I had high hopes for this caramel bar. The chocolate is made with an oat milk base which creates a lovely creamy chocolate. The caramel centre is gooey, sweet and just like the real deal.

I really enjoyed this chocolate and to be honest, I knew I would before I’d even tried it. Love Raw just get it right every time.

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