3 Dairy Free Products From ASDA

Following on from my recent post – 11 dairy free buys from ASDA I thought I’d show you the 3 non dairy products I picked up on a recent trip to ASDA.

Please check full ingredients lists and may contain warnings to ensure they’re suitable for your intolerance of allergy.

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Food Heaven Heavenly Whipped Chocolate Flavoured Cream 

The main reason I went to ASDA was to get the new Food Heaven Heavenly Whipped Chocolate Flavoured Cream and luckily on this visit I was able to find it. This doesn’t seem to be stocked anywhere else yet but I imagine as always it will be rolled out to other stores in time.

I was super happy to get this chocolate whipped cream. It’s been quite a while now that I’ve watched on in envy as dairy filled brands sold out of their chocolate whipped cream. Finally dairy free world has been blessed with our very own version and I can confirm that it’s lovely. It’s light, as you’d expect a whipped cream to be, chocolatey without being too rich and I can’t wait to try it on top of a milkshake.

Mexican Style Birria Pulled Beef Brisket

Okay, so this isn’t as good as the real deal, obviously. However, if you’re in a pinch and want a quick meal without much work then it does the trick, plus it’s free from dairy.

I checked some of the other products in the range and quite a few contained dairy or had additional dairy products in the box like a sachet of yogurt.

Free From Lemon Soya Yogurts

I’d never seen these Lemon Soya Yogurts before but they were so delicious that they’ll be something I buy again. It was good to find a different flavour of yogurt from the usual strawberry, mango etc – all of which I do enjoy but a good lemon yogurt is something I’ve always missed.

These yogurts are creamy, lemony, refreshing and only £1.

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