Dairy Free Sandwich Fillings – Dairy Free Daisy Podcast Episode 14

In episode 14 of the Dairy Free Daisy podcast we’re talking about sandwich fillings. This is the kind of post I’d normally do as a blog post but thought I’d give it a try in an audio format. Let me know what you think.

A quick reminder to always double check ingredients in accordance to your allergies, intolerances and ethics. Ingredients and may contain warnings can also change over time.

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Dairy Free Sandwich Fillings

When you first go dairy free you’ll start thinking of the sandwiches you can’t have any more. You know, cheese and pickle! But there are so many that you CAN have.

Today’s list is dairy free not not fully vegan. We’re a podcast first and foremost for people with a dairy intolerance or allergy.

Let’s start off by highlighting the importance of having a dairy free bread. It usually will be dairy free but I’ve noticed a few breads at my local bakery which contain milk and also breads like brioche contain dairy.

Also, it’s important to have a good dairy free butter on hand when you’re making sandwiches. I recommend the Naturli Spreadable and the Plant Based Flora Spreadable.

BLT – Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

This is a true classic and perfect for summer. You can even switch out the mayo for a vegan option if you can’t have eggs (I like this one).

Egg Mayo & Cress

Another classic and naturally dairy free option. I think it’s always worth putting in a little more time to prep sandwiches like this.

Peanut Butter & Jam

This is one of my favourite because it’s tasty, very filling and quick to make.


Naturli Spreadable butter and Marmite together are a perfect combo. This is a really simple sandwich but one I don’t think you can go wrong with…unless you don’t like Marmite. I also love the Crunchy Marmite Peanut butter, it’s excellent in a sandwich or on toast.

You could make this into a toastie with the Vegan Applewood cheese.

Tuna Mayo/Tuna Sweetcorn & Mayo

As much as I like this one as a sandwich I also think it works best as a toastie. You could even add in the Vegan Applewood cheese for a toastie and it would be the perfect tuna melt.

Philadelphia Plant Based Cream Cheese with Smoked Salmon

I’m a big fan of the new Philadelphia Plant Based Cream cheese. It works perfectly on a bagel with salmon or even with mortadella and salami.

Don’t forget to give my bagel recipe a try for the most delicious homemade bagels.

Hummus, Red Pepper & Sun Dried Tomato

I think this works particularly well as a wrap or toasted. It’s one of those options that is usually the dairy free and vegan option at coffee shops.

Salami, Artichoke, Lettuce and Tomato

This would be perfect on an Italian style bread. It’s a classic combo and one I always enjoy throughout summer.

Spanish omelette

Make a Spanish omelette (particularly easy to do with leftover chips), slice it up and pop it into a baguette with mayo – perfect. This is a really tasty option although not one that I make regularly.

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