Dairy Free Daisy Podcast Episode 13 – Dairy Free News

In episode 13 of the Dairy Free Daisy podcast we talking about the latest in dairy free news and product launches.

A quick reminder to always double check ingredients in accordance to your allergies, intolerances and ethics. Ingredients and may contain warnings can also change over time.

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Holy Moly Soured Creamy Chive Dip

I found this in Tesco the other day and it was delicious. It has a really good flavour of chive and lemon. You can use it on burritos, tacos, dipping crisps, jacket potatoes. It’s super versatile and I’ll be buying it again.

Buy it here: Sainsbury’sOcadoTesco

Bosh Carrot Cake

Bosh do an excellent chocolate cake as well as a lemon cake and they’ve just launched a carrot cake to their range. I love their usual cakes so I can’t wait to give this one a try.

It’s nice to be a able to get a good dairy free cake at the supermarket because there isn’t always the time to make one at home.

Now launched at Tesco

Well & Truly Chocolate

This brand sell crisps that remind me of NikNaks – some of their flavours are dairy free but some aren’t so do double check. Anyway, today we’re talking about them because they’ve launched a range of chocolate with 3 different flavours: Oat Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Caramelised Hazelnut.

Oat based chocolate is always good so I can’t wait to give this new launch from Well & Truly a try.

Currently available on Ocado or their own website.

Alpro Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream

The Alpro Hazelnut Chocolate ice cream is lovely and creamy with a hazelnut leading flavour.

I used to love this ice cream and was pleased to find it being stocked on the Ocado website again.

This is out of stock everywhere except Ocado right now.

Oggs Cakes

So, this isn’t a new drop from Oggs but it is a new launch within Tesco. I’m a huge fan of the Oggs brand. They make delicious cakes, cupcakes and Millionaire bites.

Now at Tesco.

Ben & Jerry’s Non Dairy Ice Cream

Another mention for a product which isn’t new but is currently on offer at Tesco.

Each tub of Ben & Jerry’s Non Dairy ice cream is currently on offer for £3 with a Clubcard – a really good discount. The perfect time to stock up.

Buy at Tesco.

Sainsbury’s – Plant Pioneers Vegan Croissants

A pack of 2 vegan/dairy-free croissants from Sainsbury’s own vegan brand, Plant Pioneers.

I haven’t tried anything from this range before but I think the croissants could be an excellent place to start.

Buy at Sainsbury’s

Leon Aioli Garlic Potato Salad 

Sainsbury’s have an excellent range from Leon (the fast food biz) which appears to have lots of dairy-free and vegan friendly products. This Aioli Garlic Potato Salad sounds lovely and would be perfect for picnics or a picky tea.

Buy at Sainsbury’s

Leon Waffle Fries Garlic Aioli & Rosemary

Another Leon product – Waffle shaped potato fries in a garlic and rosemary seasoning.

I’ll be grabbing a bag of these in the coming week.

Buy at Sainsbury’s

Innocent Pineapples Bananas & Coconuts Smoothie

A brand we all know and love, Innocent. My toddler has recently become obsessed with smoothies and when I spotted this Pineapple, banana and coconut option I knew we had to try it.

It tastes like a piña colada – perfect for summer.

Available at TescoSainsbury’sASDAWaitroseOcado

Little Moons Choc Hazelnut Mochi

Do you like mochi? I love it.

Little Moons are basically a little ball of delicious and luxurious vegan ice cream (not all of the flavours are vegan) and then it’s coated with a thick and chewy mochi (rice cake) around the outside.

Buy at TescoOcadoSainsbury’sWaitroseMorrisonsASDA

Doughlicious Cookie Dough Chi

This is a ball of vegan ice cream and then wrapped in cookie dough. They aren’t all vegan so do double check before you buy.

I haven’t tried these before but I’m very intrigued.

You can buy at Ocado and Waitrose.

Mindful Chef Frozen Cashew & Chickpea Korma 

Waitrose have started selling Mindful Chef ready meals so you don’t have to buy direct from the brand. They create plant based/vegan ready meals. Sometimes we all need a easy meals so it good to be able to find dairy free options in the supermarkets as other brands are often packed full of dairy.

Buy at Waitrose.

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