Podcast Episode 5 | Dairy Free Daisy

The firth episode of the Dairy Free Daisy Podcast is here. This was our first time recording it remotely so hopefully the quality was just as good.

In today’s episode we’re talking about the latest dairy free news and launches. With the run-up to Easter there are naturally lots of sweet treats and chocolates hitting the shelves this month.

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Please check and double check ingredients in accordance to your allergies, intolerances and ethics. Ingredients and may contain warnings can change over time too.

Links to the products we mentioned

Products are listed in the order they were mentioned throughout the podcast.

Costa offering free milk alternatives with the app

Dug Potato Milk – Waitrose | Ocado

Lilk milk alternative – Ocado

Jord Oat and Hemp milk – Ocado | Sainsbury’s

Plant Based Philadelphia – no direct link yet

Soreen Easter – Raspberry & White Chocolate – Ocado | Tesco

Soreen Easter – Gingerbread – Tesco

Starbucks Plant Based Chocolate & Caramel Muffin

Starbucks Plant Based Carrot Cake

M&S Vegan Omball – no direct link yet

M&S Salted Caramel Chocolates – no direct link yet

M&S Plant Kitchen Cookies – Cherry Bakewell

NOMO Cookie Dough Bunny – Ocado but also available at Tesco and Sainsbury’s

NOMO Caramel Egg – Sainsbury’s | Tesco | Waitrose

NOMO Little Monster Egg – Tesco | Sainsbury’s

VEGAN Mini Magnums – Sainsbury’s | Tesco | Ocado

Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Berry Revolutionary – Ocado | Tesco | Sainsbury’s

Garlic Spreadable – Sainsbury’s

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