Dairy Free News – Dairy Free Daisy Podcast Episode 15

We’ve switched the podcast to a fortnightly schedule which means we’re back with another Dairy Free News episode this week.

Always double check ingredients in accordance to your allergies, intolerances and ethics. Ingredients and may contain warnings can also change over time.

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Dairy Free News June 2022

Nooj Paste

We mentioned the brand Nooj in our previous Dairy Free News episode and a couple of days ago I finally spotted the products out in the wild. Sainsbury’s had both the Creamy Almond Paste and Creamy Caramel Paste available.

Buy now at Sainsbury’s

Buttermilk Choccy Snack Bars

Here are 3 new exciting launches from Buttermilk – Honeycomb Blast, Peanut Nougat and Caramel Nougat.

I’ve already tried the caramel Nougat bar and it’s DELICIOUS. I don’t think you can tell that it’s dairy free.

Buy at Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Holland & Barrett, The Vegan Kind and their own website.

Vegan Terry’s Chocolate Orange Bar

It looks like there’s going to be a Vegan Terry’s Chocolate Orange Bar launching towards the end of the year! At long last.

Love Raw – Nutty Choc Balls

Coming soon from the wonderful brand that is Love Raw.

More info over on their Instagram.

Califia – Cold Brew Caramel Oat & Black Coffee

A double drop from Califia – Cold Brew Caramel Oat and Black Coffee. I’m a big fan of the original Califia Cold Brews so I can’t wait to give these two new launches a try.

Buy from – Sainsbury’s

Oreo Twists

I love Oreos, they’re a staple dairy free biscuit in our household so we’ll be giving the new Oreo Twists a try when we next go to ASDA.

Buy now at ASDA

Food Heaven – Chocolate Whipped Cream

This is a dairy free chocolate whipped cream from Food Heaven. I love their classic dairy free whipped cream but I’m so happy that they’ve also launched a chocolate one. I’ve spent the last year seeing people raving about dairy filled chocolate whipped cream and at last it’s our turn.

I wrote more about the Food Heaven Chocolate Whipped Cream here.

Buy at ASDA

Costa Vegan Cakes

Now, I’m not sure if these are new new but they’re new to me so I thought I’d give them a mention.

Costa always have a good collection of cakes so it was good to see that they now have a vegan Rocky Road and BOSH Chocolate & Pecan slice.

Full Costa menu

Jammy Dodgers

Jammy Dodgers are really coming through with the fun and exciting flavours at the moment.

In the collection so far they have Magical Strawberry, Goeey Apple, Choccie, Cola Bottle and Banana.

Full list of Jammy Dodgers

Zizzi Vegan Praline Brownie

I always love the vegan options at Zizzi so it’s good to see some of them making their way into Tesco.

This is the vegan dark chocolate brownie with hazelnut praline sauce.

Find it at Tesco

Peanut Butter & Cookie Ice cream

I think this ice cream from Lidl is meant to be a Ben & Jerry’s dupe. If you’ve tried it do let me but so far I’ve read really good things about it and for £1.99 it sounds like a pretty good deal.

Buy at Lidl

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