6 New Dairy Free Products At Tesco

I hope you’re all having a good start to the week. Today I’m sharing 6 new products I’ve spotted in Tesco. I go to Tesco fairly regularly and always keep and eye out for NEW stickers on the Free From section as well as generally around the store.

A quick but important diclaimer: Please check full ingredients lists and may contain warnings to ensure products are suitable for your intolerance or allergy.

@dairyfreedaisy Super quick video to show you the new Double Cream from @coconutcollabuk. Very smooth and creamy. It doesn’t taste of coconut, more like an actual cream than other brands. #dairyfreeuk #dairyfreeliving #dairyfreemummy ♬ original sound – daisy

6 New Dairy Free Products At Tesco

The Coconut Collaborative Dairy Free Raspberry Coconut Yogurt – I started to see this in a few supermarkets before now but have only just spotted it in Tesco.

I have a pot of this Raspberry Coconut Yogurt sitting in my fridge. I started it this morning and really like. It has a slight tartness to it which is something I like when it comes to yogurts and is quick a thick consistency.

The Coconut Collaborative Vegan Double Cream – A totally brand new launch from The Coconut Collaborative is this Double Cream. I’ve already given this a try and I’m a huge fan. Although there is an ever so subtle underlying flavour of coconut it’s very hard to detect, especially when paired with raspberry jam and homemade scones.

I found this whipped up pretty quickly with a hand mixer and was lovely and thick. However, if you then pop it into the fridge for a while it really firms up. I liked it both whipped and whipped and chilled.

Violife Vegan 12 Mozzarella Flavour Slices Cheese Alternative – A new vegan cheese option from Violife has hit the shelves. It’s not secret that I’m not the biggest fan of vegan cheeses but many can work well when they’re melted so I’m sure I’ll give this a try at some point. I’d love to know what your thoughts are when you’ve tried it.

Nomo Vegan & Free From Chocolate Orange Crunch Bar – NOMO chocolate is always a winner in my books. They make a delicious dairy free and vegan chocolate rage with this new Orange Crunch bar being their latest launch.

Kirsty’s Veggie Pot Pie – This is a new launch from Kirsty’s a brand I’ve been loyal to for years now. I’m yet to try the Veggie Pot Pie but whenever I get chance I’ll be sure to report back.

This latest launch is basically vegetables in a white potato milk sauce with a potato mash on top.

Happi Free From Plain Oat Milk Chocolate – I’ve been noticing this for a while in Tesco but am yet to try it. The Happi branding is very cute and would appeal well to young children.

Happi make oat milk based chocolate which comes as a plain oat milk, white oat milk and salted caramel option.

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