Podcast Episode 1 | Dairy Free Daisy

Calling all dairy free folk.

It’s here.

The very first episode of the Dairy Free Podcast.

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In the first episode you’ll meet my producer Connor and learn a little more about dairy free life. We spoke about how I started my dairy free journey, why people might choose to cut out dairy from their diet, and some dairy free alternatives for key dairy based products.

Why people might choose to go dairy free

People may choose to go dairy free for a variety of reasons but in the podcast we touched upon four of the most common.

  • Skin conditions
  • Intolerances/allergies
  • Ethical reasons
  • Breastfeeding a baby who has an intolerance

This is by no means an exhaustive list but simply a collection of the ones I regularly come across.

I’m dairy free due to an intolerance that severely triggers my eczema. So you could say I fall into a couple of the above categories – intolerance and skin condition.

I talk about my DF journey within the podcast but you can also read about it within my dairy free story.

Dairy free staples

We also spoke about some of my favourite dairy free alternatives to replace dairy based products.

It can be daunting to be told you need to cut dairy out of your diet and even if you’re doing it by choice it can still be a big thing to deal with.

People think they’re going to miss out on lots of delicious food but that’s not the case at all.

It’s not scary to go dairy free in 2022.

I promise.

Today we’re truly spoiled for choice when it comes to DF alternatives: milk, chocolate, cream, yoghurt and all other dairy based products.

In the podcast I shared some of my personal favourites products to try and have listed them below.

As always, please double check ingredients and may contain warnings in accordance with your allergy or ethics.

Dairy Free Milk alternatives

There are lots of milk alternatives available including but not limited to almond, oat, soya, pea, rice and many more. Finding a milk you like is truly subjective to each persons taste.

Plenish Almond (pro tip – always on offer for £1.50 at one of the supermarkets) Sainsbury’sOcadoWaitroseASDAAmazon

Alpro Unsweetened Almond – Sainsbury’sTescoOcadoWaitroseASDAMorrisons

Tesco Almond Milk Alternative

Alpro This Is Not M*Lk Whole Oat Drink / Alpro This Is Not M*Lk Semi Oat Drink

Oatly milk Alternative – Sainsbury’s – Tesco – Ocado – Waitrose – ASDAMorrisons

Starbucks Almond Based Iced Coffee / Starbucks Oat Based Vanilla Macchiato / Starbucks Coconut Based Cocoa Cappuccino

Alpro Caffè Latte – Sainsbury’sTescoASDA

Jimmy’s Oat Iced coffee

Califia Farms Espresso Cold Brew Coffee with AlmondSainsbury’sTescoOcadoWaitroseASDAMorrisons

Dairy Free & Vegan Chocolate

There are so many chocolate options these days. A lot of the big name brands are launching their own vegan versions and there are lots of independent brands on the market too.

In the podcast we spoke about some of my favourite brands as well as some that don’t hit the mark for me. I’ve listened all below just so you can check them out yourselves and make your own opinion.

Cadbury Plant Vegan Chocolate / Salted Caramel – Currently just available in Sainsbury’s

Lindt Vegan Smooth / Hazelnut – Currently just available in Sainsbury’s

Topic Vegan – Sainsbury’sMorrisons


Love Raw Wafer Bar

Magic Stars Vegan (not a personal favourite) – TescoASDA

Booja Booja Truffles – OcadoASDA

Butter Alternatives

I’ve always loved a good salty butter and that’s what we were focusing on in our conversation.

Naturli – Sainsbury’sWaitrose

Flora Salted – Sainsbury’sTescoWaitroseASDAOcado

Dairy Free Ice cream Options

Ice cream is the place we get some really solid alternatives, especially now Ben & Jerry’s have launched some fun flavours.

Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chilled / Browie

Booja Booja – WaitroseOcado – In store at Tesco but not online

Magnum – TescoSainsbury’sOcadoWaitroseASDAMorrisons

Wicked Kitchen Mint ice cream

Morrison’s Strawberry ice cream

Co Op Grow ice cream

Cream Alternatives

There are some excellent cream alternatives especially when it comes to oat based options.

Food Heaven Whipped Spray Cream Vegan – Sainsbury’sTescoOcadoMorrisons

Oatly Whippable cream – Sainsbury’sTescoWaitroseOcadoMorrisons

Free From Yogurt

I was a huge Greek yogurt fan before going dairy free and for many years I just couldn’t find a perfect alternative.

The Alpro soya Greek yogurt was nice for breakfasts and desserts but it was much sweeter than the traditional version. In the last year Oatly came out with their Greek Style Yogurt and it’s been my go-to ever since. It has that slightly sour taste that the dairy stuff has. I love it.

Actimel Dairy Free Almond Mango & Passion Fruit – TescoSainsbury’sWaitroseOcadoMorrisonsASDA

Oatly Greek – Sainsbury’sTescoOcadoWaitrose

Tesco Free From Greek Style Yogurt

Alpro – Sainsbury’sTescoOcadoWaitroseMorrisonsASDA

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