10 Dairy Free Buys From Aldi

My last blog post about dairy free finds at Aldi was quite a long time ago. I used to shop there quite regularly but I’ve only been going a couple of times a month since we moved.

I popped into Aldi the other day and picked up a few dairy free bits. They always have a good selection of dairy free products on offer although they seemed to be out of oat milk when I was there. Has anyone else noticed this recently? I’m finding that oat milk is going out of stock at a lot of the supermarkets.

I never know if I should share the fruit and veg I get in these types of posts but as it’s only a small list of products today I thought I’d include them.

As always, please double check ingredients for may contain warnings in accordance to your allergy and ethics.

@dairyfreedaisy I popped into @Aldi UK and grabbed a few dairy free bits. #dairyfreeuk #dairyfreelife #dairyfreealdi #dairyfreebuys ♬ original sound – daisy

10 Dairy Free Buys From Aldi

Dairy Free Forest Fruit Ice Creams

These are really delicious and if you like a fruity and chocolate combo then you must give them a try. There are 3 in a box and they’re pretty big like Magnums.

BBQ Pulled Pork

This is really useful to have in the house if you need an easy dinner. I like using it to make burritos or burrito bowls with rice, black beans and guacamole.

Violet Creams

These are really nice and as you’d expect them to taste. I’d love a stronger violet flavour but they’re still tasty.


I grabbed these as a bit of a nostalgic purchase. Most of the packs were nice but some seemed like they were a bit off and didn’t have much flavour or crunch which was odd.

Alcafé French Coffee

I haven’t tried this yet but I’ll edit the post when I have.

Vegan Brioche Burger Buns

We’ve had these a few times now and they’re always good. They’re soft and I don’t notice any difference from regular brioche rolls. They also freeze well so I’ll be buying a couple of packs next week.


These aren’t particularly ripe but I find that’s the case with all supermarkets at the moment. If you keep them out of the fridge they’ll soften up a little. We still enjoyed them and will buy again.

Baby Cucumbers

These baby cucumbers are a regular purchase for us, we love them.

Brazil Nuts

These are good and I usually buy nuts and seeds from Aldi as they’re (usually) more affordable than other places.

Vegan Classic Chocolate

I’ve heard very good things about the Aldi range of vegan chocolate and a lot of people seem to really like the Blonde version. I’ll report back when I’ve tried this one.

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