New Blueberry Muffin Nakd Bar


Nakd bars are 50p in Sainsbury’s at the moment. It’s always good to stock up when they’re reduced because these tasty bars are so handy to have around. I often keep a couple in my bag for when I’m in a situation where there are no dairy free snacks.

I was delighted to find the new Blueberry Muffin Nakd bars yesterday. I say new, they’ve been knocking about for a good few months but this is the first time I’ve seen them in the wild and not just on Instagram. I’ve been keeping an eye out for them since the new year so it was good to finally get hold of one.


The Blueberry Muffin bars are 100% natural (always the case with Nakd). They contain dates, cashews, raisins, almonds, blueberries and a hint of natural flavouring. They’re free from gluten, wheat, dairy and are suitable for vegans.

As soon as you unwrap the bar there’s a lovely strong smell of blueberry. Then when you take your first bite it’s a real treat. Not a healthy treat, a real sweet (but not sickly) treat. It’s sweet, the flavour of blueberry is strong and the cashews give it a really muffin-like texture.

I loved it. It went down delightfully well with a cup of coffee.

I wish I’d picked up more than one so I’ll be heading back to Sainsbury’s this week. Have you tried the Blueberry Muffin bars yet?

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