Almond Milk Flat White – Edisons Coffee – Sheffield

Almond milk coffee at Edison's Coffee in Sheffield

A few weeks back I told you all about my favourite almond milk flat white in Sheffield. It stays a firm favourite but it’s good to have options, right?

I like to support local businesses so I’m always on the hunt for new coffee shops to try. When I discovered Edison’s Coffee in Sheffield (just by the cathedral) I knew I had to pop in and see what they had to offer. I opted for a flat white with almond milk, that’s pretty much my go to coffee at the moment. They had a really good coffee and food menu which you can see on their website.

I was delighted when they said they had almond milk. More and more coffee shops are offering multiple milk alternatives (including almond, oat and coconut) these days. As a standard many do soya milk which is fab but some people can’t drink it, others choose not to and some simply don’t like it.

My flat white was the perfect size, this photo makes it look a lot bigger than it was. I really enjoyed my coffee, it had a rich flavour and the milk to coffee ratio was just right, as you would hope with a flat white.

The cafe had a relaxing atmosphere when I was there (weekday afternoon). I can’t wait to go back with P one weekend and have breakfast and coffee. Make sure you stop by next time you’re in the centre of Sheffield.

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Location: 2-4 York St, Sheffield S1 2ER, UK

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