Nana Nice Cream From Iceland

Nice Cream Co - Chocolate

I know it’s cold outside and the mornings are getting frosty but that doesn’t mean we should say no to ice cream.

In the summer a new dairy free ice cream landed at Iceland – Nana Nice Cream. I went along and decided to pick up one of each flavour; Banana & Vanilla, Chocolate  and Strawberry. All 3 of the ice creams are dairy free, contain no added sugar or preservatives and are suitable for vegans.

Nana Chocolate Ice Cream from Iceland

Nana Nice Cream Spoon

Each flavour comes in a cute single serve pot (90ml), although I believe they’re now doing 500ml pots. Each pot also comes with a spoon so you can eat these ice cream pots on the go.

Dairy free ice cream - Iceland

The Chocolate nice cream was favourite by far, the Strawberry one is pretty good too but I really wasn’t keen on the Banana & Vanilla pot. All 3 of the flavours have a lovely smooth texture and the ice cream scoops out with ease.

My pot of Choconana had a lovely distinct flavour of chocolate with just a hint of banana. The ice cream had a naturally sweet flavour to it and as I mentioned before, it was nice and creamy. I really enjoyed this little pot of ice cream and have since picked up more.


The second pot of nice cream I tried was Strawbana. I found the that strawberries and banana were fighting for attention in this pot. It’s more of a strawberry and banana ice cream than just strawberry nice cream. I still enjoyed this and would happily have it again.


Finally the pot of Banilla (banana and vanilla) was quite disappointing. It’s rare that I’m not keen on ice cream but this one just didn’t do it for me. The vanilla flavour was too strong and totally overpowered the banana. It left a strange taste in my mouth.

Have you given these nice creams a try? Leave a comment below and let me know which you liked best. 

Ingredients for each ice cream pot are below. As always, please pop over to the website to check they haven’t made any changes.

Chocolate: Banana, Apple, Organic Sunflower Oil, Avocado, Dates, Cacao Powder

Strawberry: Banana, Apple, Strawberry, Avocado, Organic Sunflower Oil, Date

Banana & Vanilla: Banana (39%), Apple, Organic Sunflower Oil, Avocado, Dates, Vanilla Extract

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