Ombar Raspberry & Coconut Centres Review

Ombar Centres Bar Organic

Are you new to dairy free life? Missing chocolate? Don’t worry. There are lots of fantastic alternatives out there, many of which are much better than regular chocolate. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favourites with you. I’m going to kick things off with a recent favourite from Ombar.

Ombar chocolate is made with coconut cream which helps to create a smooth and creamy chocolate. All of the Ombar chocolates are dairy free, organic, gluten free and suitable for vegans. They have a wide selection of chocolates to pick from; 11 bars and 2 bags of buttons (YAY, I still have lots to try). The most recent additions to the collection are the Ombar Centres which come in Raspberry & Coconut and Coconut & Vanilla. I’ve tried both and I can confirm that they’re delicious.

Delicious Ombar Chocolate

Today I’m sharing the Raspberry & Coconut bar with you. This bar has a rich 60% chocolate which covers a sweet and fruity centre. Allow the chocolate to sit on your tongue and melt. This way you’ll get the full taste sensation of the dark chocolate and the fruity centre combined. The flavours compliment each other well and it’s so moreish, I wish they made them in larger sizes.

Next on my Ombar wishlist is the Blueberry and Acai bar. I’ll report back once I’ve got my hands on it.

A few places where you can buy Ombar online; Ocado and Amazon.

Have you tried any of the Ombar chocolates yet?

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