Candy Hackers Dairy Free Chocolate Review

The other week Adama, the lovely founder of Candy Hackers chocolate sent me a couple of her dairy free chocolate bars to try out.

I love supporting small businesses and equally enjoy trying new dairy free chocolate. So, as you can imagine, I was delighted when Adama asked if I’d like to try out Candy Hackers chocolate.

First off I love the fun pixel art branding, it’s so cute and really stands out. I also like that the front of the chocolate bars clearly state that they’re free from dairy and gluten as well as being vegan and paleo. This makes it very easy for us customers.

@dairyfreedaisy We’re big fans 🙌 Thanks to @Candy Hackers for sending me some delicious dairy free chocolate to try. #dairyfreeuk #dairyfreechocolate #dairyfreelifestyle #freefromdairy ♬ original sound – daisy

So, what is the chocolate like?

I really enjoyed both flavours; Peanut Toffee and Magik Milk.

The Peanut Toffee was creamy and smooth and didn’t taste like a usual vegan chocolate. I find some other brands can have a very sweet and fake flavour to them. This one didn’t have that at all.

The maple sugar held a really nice flavour on its own without being sickly sweet. This one also had a good texture from the toffee bits inside.

The Magik Milk was equally as tasty and creamy. The chocolate melts in your mouth and has a lovely flavour to it. Again, it didn’t have that over sweet flavour that a lot of dairy free chocolates have which was much welcomed. The maple sugar shined through again and we ate these chocolate bars pretty quikly.

I can’t wait for Candy Hackers to be available in the UK! Actually, I don’t think I mentioned but Candy Hackers is currently only available in America but Adama is working hard to get it launched here in the UK. Follow her business journey over on Tiktok and Instagram.

You can also find out more about the business on their website.

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