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5 Dairy Free Chocolate Advent Calendars on Amazon

Today I’m sharing a round-up of dairy-free chocolate advent calendars I’ve found on Amazon. As always, please check ingredients before purchasing, just in case changes have been made. It’s always best to double check before buying. There are of course many other advent calendar alternatives which don’t contain dairy. There are whisky and gin calendars for […]

Dairy Free Fireball Cupcakes

Fireball. The student drink we all know and love. It’s cheap, cheerful and delightfully firey. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate my boozy favourites into cooking and baking. It’s fun and involves a lot of experimenting. I made a few batches of these Fireball cupcakes before settling on the best method. Adding Fireball into […]

Dairy Free Iced Latte  

Even though the sunshine has gone I’m still making up a batch of iced lattes for everyone each week. They go down so well at lunch or as an afternoon treat. I’m really into adding a little honey into them when I fancy something a little sweeter. Iced lattes are really simple to make. What […]

Hazelnut and Coffee Ice Lollies

I love making ice lollies at home. They’re fun and simple to do plus you can be sure that they’re going to be dairy free. I know we’re well into the swing of autumn but that doesn’t stop me from making up a batch of these tasty Hazelnut and Coffee dairy-free ice lollies every now and […]

Pudology Skinny Puds Review

I’m always keeping an eye out for dairy-free desserts. The other week an email landed in my inbox introducing the new Pudology Skinny Puds. Pudology create a range of dairy and gluten-free desserts. I’ve had their Banoffee and Chocolate Orange Puds before but they also do a Chocolate Pud and a Millionaires’ Pud. Their latest […]