Dairy Free Easter eggs – Marks & Spencer 2024

I went to all the local M&S stores I could find but only came away with Charlie the Bunny which is one of their Free From Dairy options for Easter 2024. The other week I shared a video over on my new YouTube channel about all the dairy free supermarket own-brand Easter eggs we could get our hands on. I’m pleased to say that Charlie the Bunny which comes in at £6 did pretty well in our ranking.

Since putting together the dairy free supermarket own-brand Easter egg video I’ve seen a few more options available. There’s a Plant Based bunny which is in the style of a Lindt bunny. It’s a hollow vegan chocolate bunny which is wrapped in blue foil. I’ve heard very good things about this but it does come with a may contain warning. There’s also a M&S Made Without Choccy Rocky Road Egg & Bar which I’ve found on Ocado but not seen in any of my local stores. This is an Easter egg with vegan marshmallows, gluten free crispy pieces and raisins. There seem to be a lot of rocky road themed Easter eggs this year so it’d be interesting to see what this one is like.

Disclaimer: Check full ingredients list and may contain warnings of any products mentioned here on DFD to ensure they’re suitable for your intolerance or allergy. Some products may be free from dairy but could still be made on the same factory line as other dairy free products and over the years ingredients may change.

The dairy free Easter bunny we tried was M&S Made Without Charlie the Bunny – £6. This is one that my 5 year old was very keen on taste testing because he thought the box was very cute. Luckily when you open up the box the rabbit inside is also very cute. The chocolate is marbled which I really like as I find it gives the best flavour when it comes to trying to replicate a dairy free milk chocolate. The chocolate is lovely and creamy and it’s one of the few dairy free Easter treats that we ate up very quickly.

@dairyfreedaisy It’s a winner for me! Dairy free Charlie The Bunny Easter chocolate from @Marks & Spencer – £6 #dairyfreeuk #dairyfreeeaster #dairyfreechocolate #dairyfreelife #dairyfreefood ♬ original sound – Dairy Free Daisy
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