Dairy Free Easter eggs at Tesco – 2024

Let’s dive into the world of dairy free Easter eggs at Tesco. Now, let me start by saying there are a bunch of branded dairy free Easter treats available in my local Tesco from fab brands such as NOMO, Moo Free and Buttermilk. However, today we’re specifically looking at their own-brand options in their Free From range.

I managed to get hold of 3 Easter options from the big Tesco which is local to me. Ever since the Easter eggs hit the shelves which I’m sure was very early January the simple Choc Egg (with chocolate buttons) has been going in and out of stock very regularly. So, I’m not sure if they’re just very popular or they haven’t had as many of these made. I was pleased to grab one before we made out Youtube video so we could give each supermarket Easter egg a fair ranking.

Disclaimer: Always check the full ingredients list and may contain warnings of any products mentioned here on DFD to ensure they’re suitable for your intolerance or allergy. Some products may be free from dairy but could still be made on the same factory line as other dairy free products and over the years ingredients may change.

First up we have the Tesco Free From gluten, wheat and milk Cluckie The Choc Chick. This also comes as a white chocolate chick but I haven’t seen it in my local store. Both Cluckie options come in at £3.75.

Cluckie is a plain hollow chick made from very average dairy free chocolate. The branding of the packaging is basic but the chick itself is cute and I’m sure little kids would be very happy to receive this.

In short, this Easter option from Tesco was much better than expected but still just an average dairy free chocolate. It’s not as bad as some of the cheaper brands and it goes down nicely with a cup of tea.

Just like Cluckie the dairy free Choc Egg option from Tesco is fine. It comes in at £3 which is a pretty good price point as it also comes with chocolate buttons. The chocolate itself is average. It doesn’t have that funny dairy free chocolate flavour like a lot of the cheaper Easter options do but it’s also nothing outstanding. It’s just fine.

This is much nicer than the Aldi plain bunny which was £2.99 so for a very similar price point of egg I’d go with this one.

Now I don’t generally go for dairy free white chocolate because I find most brands just haven’t got it right at all. This White Choc Crunch Egg is slightly better than other white chocolate eggs (except for the Aldi lemon drizzle egg) because it has the added crunchy pieces which work really well. However, this is not a moreish egg and falls more into the category of being a bit sickly than not.

It’s £4.30 which I think is justified by the slightly thicker chocolate and crunchy pieces. It’s also larger than the other Tesco eggs we’ve tried. It’s fine but I wouldn’t rush out to buy this. I would go for Cluckie instead.

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