Waitrose Dairy Free Easter egg 2024

Waitrose always have a fantastic range of dairy free Easter eggs and this year is no different. But, unlike the other supermarkets their line-up of non-dairy Easter treats are mostly branded ones as opposed to own-brand. We’ll take a closer look at the branded options on offer this weekend.

I’ve been into Waitrose regularly over the last few weeks and they didn’t have any specific ‘Free From’ Easter eggs. However, I did find one own-brand optionOrange Ribbon Easter egg. It does come with a may contain warning so as always please double check if it’s suitable for your allergy or intolerance.

Disclaimer: As mentioned above, always check the full ingredients list and may contain warnings of any products mentioned here on DFD to ensure they’re suitable for your intolerance or allergy. Some products may be free from dairy but could still be made on the same factory line as other dairy free products and over the years ingredients may change.

The Orange Ribbon Easter egg was nestled amongst the selection of wonderful Waitrose DAIRY eggs, This was the first time this year that I really felt sad about missing out because I couldn’t go for their pistachio egg. I picked up so many to see if they were dairy free but with no luck but then suddenly I thought I’d try turning one more around to the back to check the ingredients and luckily I’d stumbled upon a winner.

@dairyfreedaisy This orange dark chocolate egg from @Waitrose & Partners is DELICIOUS. Inportant to note it has a nay contain warning and the brand did not not have their own brand free from range. Totally recommend this egg if you like dark choc and can have may contain! #dairyfreeuk #dairyfreeeastereggs #dairyfreelife #darkchocolateeasteregg ♬ original sound – Dairy Free Daisy

The packaging is simple but cute and like most of the Easter eggs we’ve tried this year it doesn’t have a plastic window or tray. This Easter egg comes in at £7 and having tried it I can honestly say it’s well worth the price. I was blown away by the quality and flavour of the dark chocolate.

@dairyfreedaisy Waitrose coming through! It does have a may contain warning though so please double check in line with your allergy or intolerance. #dairyfreeuk #dairyfreelife #dairyfreeeaster #dairyfreewaitrose ♬ original sound – Dairy Free Daisy

If you’re not a fan of dark chocolate then this probably won’t be for you. However if like me you love dark chocolate then you’re in for a real treat with this Easter egg. It’s a beautifully rich and creamy dark chocolate egg with a strong flavour of orange throughout. It’s also a very pretty egg with a beautiful bronze shimmer over the front.

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