5 New Dairy Free Products

I’m here to share 5 new dairy free product launches with you. I’ve seen lots of new or new to me non-dairy products popping up in the supermarkets recently and I think that will only increase as we get closer to the summer months. I’m hoping for some new ice cream launches.

Disclaimer: As always, please check the full ingredients list and may contain warnings of any products mentioned here on DFD to ensure they’re suitable for your intolerance or allergy. Some products may be free from dairy but could still be made on the same factory line as other dairy free products and over the years ingredients may change.

I Am Nut Ok Buffalo Mozzarella £5 at Ocado

Something that is totally new to Ocado is a selection of the I Am Nut Ok vegan cheeses. Have you heard of the brand before? The co-founders, Angela and Nivi wanted to create a healthy and tasty alternative to cheese and they’re now one of the top artisan vegan cheese brands in the UK. It’s a London based business which started out life as a little market stall in Hackney so it’s safe to say with the growth they’ve had they must be onto a winner.

The one that particularly caught my eye on the new in section on Ocado was the Italian style buffalo mozzarella. I’m a huge pizza fan and let’s be honest, a lot of the vegan cheese options in the supermarket are just not cutting it. They’re fine but that’s it, just fine. So, I’m very keen to give this mozzarella alternative a try as soon as possible. They say it’s ideal for melting on top of pizza and lasagne or having sliced in a sandwich. The key thing to note is that they say, in their words, “it melts incredibly well when grated.”

Alpro High Protein Tropical Fruit Dairy Free Soya Yoghurt Alternative –
£1.50 available at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons

Alpro have lots of new products launching at the moment. The one that stood out to me was their Tropical Fruit High Protein yoghurt which also comes in strawberry. They have 15g of protein per pot and contain no artificial sweeteners.

For the last few years I’ve seen so many dairy based protein yoghurts so it’s good to see Alpro come through with a dairy free alternative. These yoghurts seem to be available in most of the major supermarkets.

Crosta & Mollica Lemon Shells – £5.50 at Ocado and on offer currently for £4.40 at Waitrose but usually £5.50

First, let me start by saying that I love this brand. Not everything they make is dairy free but the products that are dairy free quickly become regular purchases in our house. I need to try these lemon sorbet filled fruit shells, I mean, look at them.

These are basically Italian sorbetto filled fruit shells. Each shell is scooped out by hand and filled with a sorbet made from fresh Sorrento lemon juice.

Misfits Vegan Chocolate Caramel Protein Bar£2.20 at Morrisons, Ocado, Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s

I’ve seen these protein bars over on Tiktok but now seem to be in all the big supermarkets too.. They are gluten and dairy free.

The bars are high in protein with 16g per 45g bar and low in sugar with less than 1g per bar. They also contain a quarter of your fibre intake for the day (8g).

M&S Hoisin Mushroom Pyramids – £3 at M&S and on Ocado

New in the Taste of Asia range by M&S are these Hoisin Mushroom Pyramids. They’re hand-made parcels filled with shiitake and oyster mushrooms in a hoisin sauce. These can go in the microwave so are perfect for a super quick addition to a meal or just as a snack.

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