7 new dairy-free finds in Tesco

I was planning to follow on from my Dairy-Free Easter Rocky Road recipe with another delicious dairy-free treat for you to make at home. Unfortunately, I’ve had shingles for the last week and although I’m finally getting a little energy back I’m still not my usual self. I’m actually sitting in bed as I type this post so I can get a little rest before my parents bring my little boy back home.

I’ve heard it can take a good few weeks to recover from shingles so with that in mind I thought I’d jump on here and share some of the new dairy-free products I’ve spotted in Tesco over the last week or so. Don’t worry, I haven’t been out for the last week, I’ve mostly been at home trying to get as much rest as possible. Some of the new in products were in-store a few weeks ago and others I’ve just spotted on the website today.

We never used to shop at Tesco when we lived in Sheffield as there wasn’t a store near us. A couple of months ago we relocated to Cambridge and now have a massive Tesco just down the road. Seriously, it’s such a massive store. Anyway, I had no idea what a fantastic dairy-free selection of food Tesco have. It’s brilliant. It’s not the best when in comes to shopping experiences, it can be a bit chaotic, but I don’t think the current climate helps with that. However, if you’re new to dairy-free life then it’s an excellent place to browse for dairy-free products, lactose free options and vegan-friendly stuff.

7 new dairy-free finds in Tesco

As always, please check ingredients before buying and ensure they’re suitable for you.

Oykos Dairy Free Stracciatella Chocolate This is new to Tesco but not new to me as I buy it every now and then from Waitrose. I was pleased to find it in Tesco last week and currently have a pot sitting in my fridge. It’s a lovely coconut yogurt which is much thicker than other brands. I also like that it isn’t sickly sweet and has a slight tang to it. It’s delicious and if you like stracciatella and coconut then you’ll enjoy this.

Alpro No Bits Strawberry Banana Yogurt Alternative Everyone in our house, dairy-free or not, loves the Alpro yogurts. I’m looking forward to giving these a try at some point. Strawberry and banana are always a winning flavour combo so I have a pretty good feeling about them. They’re also available in Raspberry & Cranberry which sound right up my street.

Oatly Creamy Oat Spread Plain This is something I’m really keen to try. I’m always on the look out for good dairy-free cream cheese alternatives. They’re essential for our Saturday morning bagels and I’m always on the hunt for the best one to use in a cheesecake. Let me know if you’ve tried this or the other new flavour – Garlic & Cucumber.

Andros Caramel Dessert With Almond Milk I picked these up a few weeks back. I think the branding really pulled me in. If you’re looking for a caramel dessert then this is what you need. The pots are quite generous in size and the dessert is super creamy and has a very strong and sweet caramel flavour.

I liked it but a pot between two of us was enough. We actually enjoyed using this in place of custard on a slice of Wicked birthday cake which we warmed up. Although they were nice they won’t be a regular purchase for us but I would like to try the chocolate one at some point.

Alpro Pistachio Mousse Plant-Based Chocolate Dessert – I REALLY like these and we buy them quite regularly. The pistachio flavour its very subtle, a bit too subtle some may say and it could do with being a lot stronger BUT they’re still nice. It’s so good to finally have a mousse without having to make it at home, The texture of these are lovely and smooth and I’m keen to try the Double Choc flavour next.

Pret Plain Vegan Croissants – To start, the packaging states that although they’re made to a VEGAN recipe they’re Not suitable for Nut, Sesame, Egg, Milk and Soya allergy sufferers. If you have a severe allergy then please stay away from these and everyone else, ALWAYS ALWAYS check the ingredients.

I’ve decided to share these because they’re something I’m looking forward to trying. I can’t eat dairy due to my eczema but can have ‘may contain‘ products. I’ll be giving these a try in the coming weeks so keep an eye over on my IG if you want to see what they’re like.

Wicked Kitchen Birthday Cake Ice Dream Treat – This is another product I can’t wait to try. So far I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried from Wicked so I have high hopes for this. This is a dairy-free and vegan-friendly ice cream with a coconut oil base, sprinkles and pieces of cake inside. The reviews look pretty good so I can’t wait to grab a pot to try.

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