Dairy Free Easter At The Co-op – 2024

We’ve been to lots of the Cambridge based Co-op’s over the last month or so and have found it very hard to find the Gro Salted Toffee Crunch Egg – it must be in high demand. Luckily we managed to come across one in Harlow so we were able to take a closer look and have it ready to taste test.

Over on Youtube there’s a new Dairy Free Daisy video to check out. It’s all about supermarket own-brand dairy free Easter eggs. I’m pleased to say that there are so many new and exciting options to pick from this year and then of course, there are the branded eggs too.

Disclaimer: Please check full ingredients lists and may contain warnings on all products to ensure they are suitable for your intolerance or allergy. Some products may be free from dairy but could still be made on the same factory line as other dairy free products and over the years ingredients may change.

So, the dairy free Easter egg offering from the Co-op for 2024 is their Gro Salted Toffee Crunch Egga smooth salted toffee flavour egg loaded with crunchy toffee flavour pieces. There just seems to be the one option but boy is it a good one – it’s actually my 2024 favourite supermarket own-branded Easter egg of 2024.

The Gro Salted Toffee Crunch Egg comes in at £4.50. The packaging is cheerful but clearly isn’t aimed at kids but sits nicely as an Easter egg you could gift to any age.

This is a ‘milk chocolate’ based egg as opposed to a dark chocolate. I normally prefer dark chocolate Easter eggs because they don’t have that dairy free chocolate taste which I’m sure many of you are familiar with. The egg has a wonderful flavour of salted toffee which works so well and I had to check several times to make sure the Easter egg was actually dairy free – you know you’re onto a winner when you have to do that.

The chocolate is lovely and creamy and not at all sickly sweet like dairy free chocolate can often be. If you know, you know but basically sometimes dairy free chocolate can have a very sickly sweet flavour. I don’t know if it’s a sweetener they use but it’s like they’re trying to mask the lack of dairy. Anyway, that is NOT the case with this Co-Op egg.

The crunchy toffee flavoured pieces work really nicely in the egg shell. It was honestly a delight to eat and if I manage to come across another one in-store then I’ll be sure to grab one for myself for Easter.

I didn’t actually give much info about the flavour of the egg in the video below but I thought we’d stick it in here anyway.

@dairyfreedaisy So because i didnt gife much info in the video for some reason – it tastes like a milk choc with a lovely toffee crunch. Not sickly sweet to mask bad choc like some dairy free eggs. A real winner in my eyes @Co-op #dairyfreeuk #dairyfreeeaster #dairyfreechocolate ♬ original sound – Dairy Free Daisy
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