Holy Moly Soured Creamy Chive Dip Review

As always, please check and double check the ingredients before buying to ensure they are appropriate for your intolerance, allergy or ethics.

I stumbled upon this pot of delicious Holy Moly Soured Creamy Chive Dip the other day in Tesco. We were picking up ingredients to make homemade burritos and this seemed like the perfect addition. I often use the Oatly Greek yogurt in place of a dairy free sour cream for my burritos so it was exciting to have a new product to try.

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I’m a big fan of the Holy Moly brand. They have an excellent line-up of plant based products so when I spotted this one I had very high hopes. I paid £1.50 for the tub but it’s currently on an introductory price and will be around the £2/£2.50 mark depending on where you shop.

The Soured Creamy Dip is as the name says, creamy, it has a lovely chive flavour to it and a zingy kick. It’s perfect for the upcoming BBQ season and I haven’t personally tasted a dairy free sour cream alternative as good as this one.

I can’t tell you how many different dairy free sour cream alternatives I’ve tried over the years. None of them have come close to tasting like the real deal and I’ve often been left disappointed. As I mentioned before, I often use my favourite Greek yogurt alternative by Oatly in place of sour cream.

So, at long last I’m so happy to have a dairy free alternative to sour cream for tacos, dipping crisps and veg into and to use with many other dishes. It’s something I’ve really missed since I cut out dairy. One thing I’m looking forward to doing when I next have a pot of this is to get some McDonald’s fries to dip into it.

I will certainly be buying this again.

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