Chocolatey Dairy Free Coconut Bites Review


I’m popping in to share a quick post with you today. I love stumbling upon new dairy free finds and I’m always sharing them over on my Instagram page. I want to share mini reviews as well as more in-depth reviews here on Dairy Free Daisy and today I’m kicking things off with one of my favourite dairy free finds in Pret a Manger.

It was a while back that I found these Chocolatey Coconut Bites in the Cambridge branch of Pret. I’ve since had them many times at various stores around they UK. They’re usually located just by the counter, so they tempt you in just as you’re about to pay. Pret know how to do their impulse buys.

These little bars are delicious and perfect for those of us who’re big fans of coconut. They have a lovely creamy texture with a slight chew from the desiccated coconut. The bars are covered in dairy-free dark chocolate which works very well with the creamy coconut. They’re sweet but not at all sickly. They are of course, dairy free and they’re vegan. 

I sometimes grab a Coconut Bite and save it for later in the week. We don’t have a Pret where I live and there aren’t always dairy free treats to be found when you want them.

Have you given these dairy free coconut treats a try yet?

Always check the website to ensure ingredients haven’t been changed. 

Contains Soya – Suitable for Vegetarians – Suitable for Vegans

Ingredients: Creamed Coconut, Desiccated Coconut, Dairy-free Dark Chocolate, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Carob Syrup, Coconut Oil, Salt.


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