Thai Roasted Butternut Squash and Coconut Soup

This weekend I’m going to give this Thai Coconut Soup a try. The video is a collaboration between health food blogger, Sophie Gordon and the folk at Coconut Collaborative. The video is very easy to follow and with these cold evenings we’ve been having I think this is going to go down a treat.

The soup is vegan, dairy, gluten and soya free. It’s made with a butternut squash base, my favourite vegetable to create a soup around. I’m a big fan of the Coconut Collaborative coconut yogurt which is used in this recipe to give it a thick and creamy texture. I often use their yogurt within my cooking. I make a really tasty chickpea curry with it which I must share with you soon. However, I don’t believe I’ve had the chance to try it in a soup yet so I’m excited about giving this a try.

Before I had to go dairy free I used a lot of traditional yogurt in my cooking. Once I’d discovered Coconut Collaborative I found that I quickly forgot about traditional yogurt. I was also interested to learn that it has many health benefits. The coconut water in the yogurt contains electrolytes and minerals which help with digestion and also boosts your metabolism. The coconut flesh is full of potassium and fatty acids which are used as energy (not stored as body fat). I always enjoy finding out about the health benefits of the food I’m eating. I personally find that it helps me to make more mindful choices in what I cook in the evening.

I’ve used quite a few products from the Coconut Collaborative range and can’t wait to tell you more about some of my favourites. If you spot their Mango Snowconut or Little Choice Pots then you must give them a try.

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