Pudology Skinny Puds Review

Dairy Free Puds

I’m always keeping an eye out for dairy-free desserts.

The other week an email landed in my inbox introducing the new Pudology Skinny Puds.

Pudology create a range of dairy and gluten-free desserts. I’ve had their Banoffee and Chocolate Orange Puds before but they also do a Chocolate Pud and a Millionaires’ Pud.

Their latest addition to their line-up of delicious desserts is Lemon & Yuzu and Chocolate & Raspberry.

Pudology Puds Dairy Free

These pots are slightly smaller than their regular range and only contain 59 and 60 calories. I think that’s pretty good going for a those evenings where you really fancy a dessert.

dairy free choc puds

The Chocolate & Raspberry flavour has a rich flavour of chocolate but with a real sharpness from the raspberry. I really enjoy tart flavours and chocolate and raspberry is always a good combo. This was right up my street. Phil wasn’t as keen.

If you prefer something sweeter then you might be better off trying their Banoffee Pud.

Dairy free pudology

The Lemon & Yuzu Pud was my favourite of the two desserts.

Like the other one it has a very sharp kick to it but this time it was in the form of citrus. I love citrus based desserts, especially when they have a real tangy flavour to them.

If you like your desserts to have a strong flavour of lemon and coconut then you’re going to love this.

Neither of the Puds are super sweet. Actually, they’re quite the opposite with a focus on tartness.

Pudology Skinny Puds

Will I be buying these again? Probably. Although I enjoyed both my favourite was the Lemon & Yuzu Pud and I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding a couple of pots to my trolly every now and then.

Pudology desserts are stocked in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Holland & Barrett. Here’s a full liast of stockists near you.

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