Ever since I first discovered Doisy & Dam a few years back I’ve been a big fan of the brand. They make tasty superfood chocolate with ethically sourced organic ingredients.

They’ve recently launched SNAPS – bags of thin and crunchy shards of dairy free chocolate. They come in 2 flavours; Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt and Coconut & Lucuma. Both flavours are made with single-origin Colombian chocolate and are vegan, dairy free and gluten free.

Doisy and Dam Dairy Free

Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt

I really enjoyed both flavours of SNAPS but I think the Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt might just be my favourite. I found that these delightfully thin and crunchy shards of chocolate have a real caramel flavour. They’re sweet but not sickly and very moreish.

Dairy Free Choc

Coconut & Lucuma

If you like coconut then you’re going to love this bag of SNAPS. This flavour isn’t as sweet as the other but is equally as moreish. They have a much deeper flavour with the coconut leading. So good!

Doisy and Dam Snaps

SNAPS are perfect for sharing. Next time I go to the cinema I’ll be grabbing a bag of these. You can find them here or over on Amazon.

If you fancy learning more about Doisy & Dam and the people behind it check out my Behind the Biz interview with Richard.

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