Eczema Diary 002 – Scars, Bio Oil and Washing Powder

A couple of days ago I shared this photo on the Prettygreentea Instagram. I was worried about the scars on my legs. I have quite a few on the front of my legs but there are also loads on the back on one of my legs.

I had scars on my legs for years because of eczema but magical Bio Oil got rid of them.


I think it took around a year of consistent use of the oil but they did go. I finally felt confident to show my legs on holiday and it was a very freeing feeling. I continued to use Bio Oil over the years because it worked so well for my dry skin.

Around 3 months ago I started having eczema flare ups on my legs again – I mentioned it in this post. For a few years now my eczema flare ups have mostly been on my hands and above my lip (I know, odd and very annoying).

A few weeks of waking up and scratching my legs every night and being covered in rashes went by. I finally realised that my washing powder might be the culprit.

I generally use Persil Non Bio and haven’t had any problems with it. I started having flare ups when we used a super market branded non-bio powder. I’ve never had problem with these powders before but it seemed my skin was much more sensitive than normal.

Although I haven’t ruled out going back to Persil I have switched over to Ecover Zero and it has been fantastic. It’s specially formulated for those of us with sensitive skin. There are no fragrances, colourings or enzymes. It even has the support of the British Allergy Foundation. Most supermarkets sell it and often have special offers on. Alternatively you can find it over on Amazon.

Since switching to Ecover Zero I no longer wake up covered in rashes and scratches. It’s fantastic and I’m delighted with the results.

The only annoying thing, which was the point of this post, is that my legs are once again covered in scars. I’ve started applying Bio Oil to my legs twice a day and I’m determined to get them clear again.

This time around I won’t be hiding away though.

I love the summer months and wearing black tights in the hot weather is not the one. I’ll be fully embracing skin coloured tights this summer, even though you can see my scars through them.

I won’t be letting eczema dictate my life any more.

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