Dairy Free KIND bars

‘We’re on a mission to make the world a little kinder and have been since we were founded in 2004. We call this the KIND Movement.’

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Have you tried KIND bars before? I was introduced to them a few months ago and have since been buying them on a regular basis. I’ve also started to notice them in more and more shops over the last couple of months. You can find them on the high street in Boots and Holland & Barrett but they’re also online at Amazon, Tesco, Waitrose and a few other places.

They’ve become a real handbag essential for me. I find them filling and like to have one to hand on gym days or when I’m travelling.

The flavours you can see in the photo above are all DAIRY FREE but do double check because there are a couple of flavours which have dairy in. The Caramel Almond & Sea Salt bar is NOT dairy free. 

The brand is focused on using whole ingredients like nuts, fruits and spices. They then bind everything together with honey to create this tasty selection of nutty bars.

I really enjoyed each of the bars but found the Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt and the Madagascan Vanilla Almond a little too sweet for me. That’s personal preference though, if you have a sweet tooth then you’ll love them.

I think my favourite was the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt and I also LOVED the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew which I found in Holland & Barrett.

Let me know which KIND bar you like best. 

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