Almond Valsoia Ice Cream Cones Review

I’m here to share another delicious ice cream from Valsoia with you.

I’ve spoken before about Valsoia ice cream and how much I like it. Their ice cream sandwiches are totally worth trying!

Valsoia are an Italian brand who not only create delicious ice cream but also offer chocolate spread, pizza, milk and other dairy alternatives. I’m currently making my way through the range available on Ocado.

Valsoia Ice Creams Dairy Free

These ice cream cones come in a box of 4. This was a fab surprise as lots of dairy free and vegan ice creams come as a pack of 3.

The cones look like a classic Cornetto which have always been one of my all-time favourites. The cone itself has a good crunch and doesn’t become soggy when you’re eating it.

The ice cream is rich, creamy and has a strong flavour of almond. They almost taste like marzipan. The top of the ice cream has a swirl of chocolate and nuts.

These cones are far from boring and I can’t wait to buy another box.

Always double check ingredients before you make a purchase. Recipes can be changed and updated over the years.

Ingredients – also over on their site

Ice-cream ingredients (85%): Water, sugar, coconut oil, glucose syrup, almond grains (3,2%), low-fat cocoa, dietary fibers, almond paste (1,3%), emulsifiers: mono- and dyglicerides of fatty acids – 1,2 propanediol esters of fatty acids, stabilisers: locust bean gum – guar gum – carrageenan, sea salt, flavouring.
Wafer ingredients (15%): soft wheat flour type “0”, sugar, coconut oil, salt, caramelized sugar, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavouring. May contain traces of other nuts

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