Eczema Diary 001

I hope you’re all having a good week.

I thought I’d check in with you today for a little chat about eczema.

So, the reason I cut out dairy from my diet was because of my eczema. I aim to use this blog to share reviews on delicious dairy free foods, recipes as well as documenting my eczema journey.

I’ve suffered with eczema throughout my life. It’s always been there but there have been years where it hasn’t been as bad. Then all of a sudden I’ll have a really bad flare up. It’s irritating more than anything. If i knew the exact foods or products that ‘trigger’ it then I’d be able to work hard at avoiding them.

At the moment my eczema is particularly bad on my hands. I believe this is classed as dyshidrotic eczema. I say believe because this is something I’ve had to figure out on my own through research. As well as my hands I’ve been having some problems with eczema on my legs.

Around a month ago I had a skin reaction to the washing powder I was using. It was a non-bio one, a brand I hadn’t used before but because I’m usually fine with non-bio powders I didn’t think anything of it.

That was a mistake.

I woke up with little rashes all over my body which then led to itching and I now have cuts and scratches all over my legs. This really upset me because I worked so hard to get rid of eczema scars from my legs – thanks to good old Bio Oil. So, I’ve started using that again to hopefully get rid of the marks. I don’t doubt that it will work again, it’s just frustrating. I’d got to a point where I felt comfortable going out in skin coloured tights but now I’m not sure I’ll feel able to do that.

After a few days I realised it was the washing powder which was causing the flare up. I changed over to Ecover Zero and everything has been fine. No more rashes on my legs, YAY. The fallout of the previous flare up has lasted quite some time though.

This week I’m feeling quite down about my eczema which I why I decided to start a diary about it. I’ll check back in with you in a few days.

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