I think it’s about time we start cracking out the festive drinks. It’s finally starting to feel cold enough and the evenings are certainly much darker. I’ll be sharing some fun non-alcohol drinks in the coming weeks (if you missed the news, I’m expecting my first babybut today is all about a boozy winter warmer.

Today I’m showing you how I make my Vegan Eggnog – it’s dairy and egg allergy friendly.

This vegan eggnog cocktail can be made hot or cold but trust me, it’s so much better hot. It’s a real winter warmer and goes down a treat if you’re a fan of anything filled with festive spices.


100ml your favourite bourbon
50ml sherry
20ml vanilla syrup
1 tablespoon of set coconut milk
200ml cashew milk
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg
Cloves and cinnamon stick to garnish

You can use 2 egg whites instead of coconut and cashew milk but this recipe is dairy and egg allergy friendly. 


pouring bourbon

Add 100ml of your favourite bourbon into your cocktail shaker.

Sherry for Eggnog

Next, add in 50ml of sherry.

Monin Vanilla Syrup

Pour in 20ml of vanilla syrup.

A pinch of spice

Add in the cinnamon and nutmeg.

Cegan Eggnog Milks

Now it’s time to add in the coconut and cashew milk. I used the aeroccino from my Nespresso machine to froth them up. You could just heat the milk in the pan and then use a good old hand frother.

Vegan Eggnog cocktail

Everything should now be in your cocktails shaker.

It’s time to shake shake shake.

Garnish the eggnog with spices

Garnish with cloves, ground nutmeg or cinnamon sticks.

Fesive eggnog cocktail


Let me know if you give this vegan eggnog recipe a try.

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