Oatly Milk Alternative Review

Oatly is a milk alternative for those of us who can’t or choose not to drink dairy milk. It was the packaging that originally stood out to me amongst all the other alternative milks on the shelf. I knew I had to try it.

As I’m sure you’ll be aware, Oatly is made from oats. It’s packed full of fibre and totally free from added sugars. It’s a Swedish business and they only use Swedish oats. The benefit of this is that many of the nasty pesticides that are used on oats in the rest of Europe are forbidden in Sweden, yay.



I’ve enjoyed using Oatly in my porridge, with cereal and for baking. I don’t use it with tea or coffee because it curdles. It doesn’t alter the taste but it does look a little odd. Oatly have recently introduced Foamable to their collection which is designed to be used with coffee. I’m yet to find it in any of my local shops but I’m keen to give it a try. As soon as I track it down I’ll share my thoughts with you.

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Ingredients: Oat base (water, oats 10%), rapeseed oil, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates, salt, vitamins (D2, riboflavin and B12). More info.

Please always double check ingredients just in case they’ve changed since this post was published. If you do find any changes then I’d be very happy for you to let me know over on Twitter

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